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Mike and Bob Smeets are a father and son creative team and Weirdsdale –The Graphic Novel is their first foray into comics. Both are born and raised in the northern climate of Canada, but now reside in sunny central Florida.

Mike, the father and writer of the duo, has written for such diverse magazines as Schizophrenia Digest and Bird Watchers Digest.  He has a successful career in packaging sales and he is an avid nature photographer.  Bob, the artist, is self-taught and has long had a passion for the classics from Impressionism to Modern Fantasy but the intricate detail of Realism always calls him back.

Weirdsdale is their second project together. They have previously self-published an illustrated children’s book called VIRTUES, based upon Bob’s Yellow Dog Paintings.  Bob is currently working simultaneously on Weirdsdale – the Web Comic and new detective project, OWL while Mike muses over possible directions in which to take Weirdsdale.



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