Warning – I have Schizophrenia

My buddy Tony remastered/reinvisioned my schizophrenia videos.  Make sure you subscribe to his youtube page – the guy is brilliant!  Let me know what you think?    

Picture in Picture

Who knew I had a little detective duck creature living within my couch!  Picture in pictures are neat.  I traced it in black outline so you can see it better. …


Weirdsdale Web Comic Update

A couple more pages have been added to the story.  Bob also added some rather cool examples of what the original art looked like Vs where he ended up.  Check …

web comic experiment

Weirdsdale Web Comic – FREE

Weirdsdale is happy to announce the Weirdsdale WEB COMIC, companion to Weirdsdale the Graphic Novel. Every Thursday Bob will update the story line with a new page. Discover some of …