Virtues – A Children’s Picture Book


What makes a person good, worthy, or even successful?  How do we live our lives with respect, honor and dignity?  These are just some of the questions that can be explored in this picture book entitled Virtues, by illustrator, Bob Smeets.

Virtues offers a pictorial approach to understanding the complex concepts, feelings and emotions encompassed by virtues such as peace, determination, hope and compassion.  The book serves as an excellent tool for teachers, pastors or parents.

There is no deep reading required to get the most out of this discussion book. In fact, the simple one word title and brief descriptor leave the reader and the educator open to meander in many directions.  In Mr. Smeets’ illustrations, a picture does indeed encompass a thousand words.

The art is bold and whimsical. The vibrant colors please the eye and the playful characters are a unique collection of colored canines.  Each of the twenty four pages contains a full color illustration depicting a particular virtue.

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Artist: Bob Smeets

Written by: Mike Smeets

Discussion book Age Range: 4 to adult

​Pages: 24  Full Color (nothing less)



​$15.00 US

DETAILS: 8.5 X 8.5 soft cover.

Pub. Date: September 2011  Publisher: Self

One would hesitate to call Virtues strictly a children’s book, yet the artwork would certainly appeal to young people. This book is ideally positioned for preteen to young adult. It can serve as an excellent resource for Christian discussion groups.

Adults will no doubt also appreciate the book’s simple message and presentation.

Virtues is a colorful, well illustrated book that will guide you to living a Christian valued life.


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